Synthos Adhesives

are dedicated to woodworking industry under the Woodmax brand, as well as to packaging and printing industries under the Papermax brand.

The products produced by us are the No. 1 product on the Polish market. We have a broad portfolio for each our product group. We provide professional technical consultancy and support for our customers during both implementation and the whole cooperation period. 

Chemical compounds, on the basis of which our adhesives are manufactured, are registered in compliance with requirements of REACH and are admitted for contact with food.

In our
Technological Center

we provide complex technical tests and develop new adhesive formulations. We also prepare special recipes of our products according to our customer’s requirements. We have our own research center in a form of an application laboratory, what makes possibility to add new products to our portfolio and offer innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of our customers.

We offer adhesives of prime quality, comparable to products of the largest European manufacturers, which has been proven by numerous test carried out by the renowned Polish packaging manufacturers.


Woodmax adhesives are synthetic, based on poly(vinyl acetate) dispersions, also referred to as white adhesives.

We offer products in all waterproofing classes form D1 to D4, with selected products meeting high thermal resistance  standards in accordance with WATT`91.

Due to high wood and wood-based products adhesion, quick bonding, no negative environmental impact and easy application, PVAc adhesives are used mostly in door, window, stair and furniture manufacturing.


Papermax adhesives are produced on the basis of polyvinyl acetate emulsion, vinyl acetate copolymer with ethylene and also on the basis of vinyl polyalcohol. They do not include solvents and are ready for immediate use.

One may find in our port folio various adhesives dedicated to individual or specific applications. Papermax adhesives are designed for bonding hard paper (cardboard, cartoon), soft paper (laminating) and difficult surfaces. Our products are used in various areas of printing, packaging and paper processing industry (box closing, cardboard laminating, bonding cardboard pallets, cardboard box laminating, paper tubes).

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