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Papermax® supports environmentally-friendly solutions

Lately, we can hear more and more about the harmfull effect of plastics products on our environment. The plastic itself is not a bad raw material, due to its ability to be almost fully recycled. The main problem with it is us – people who are not throwing away properly products made from plastic.

The European Union’s directive on single-use plastic products (SUP)

The European Union identified single-use plastic products, that due to its size and way of use, are mostly to be found on the street, grass or what is worse floating in the sea. In accordance with accepted by the European Parliament directive, products such as plastic stirrers, cotton bud sticks or drinking straws are being prohibited by 2021. Similar decisions about withdrawing  SUP are made by global fast-food chains, hotels and other countries outside Europe, aside from the European Union’s law.

Replacements for SUP

We are able to normally and comfortably live without any of the products mentioned above. There are environmentally-friendly replacements for each of it. One of those alternative solutions is paper drinking straw, which is a perfect alternative for the plastic one.

Papermax® supports environmentally-friendly solutions

The natural environment is extremely important for Synthos company, this is why we support solutions that help in its protection. Because of that, we introduced new Papermax® adhesives dedicated to paper drinking straws. These new adhesives, just like our whole Papermax® portfolio are admitted for contact with food.

Paper drinking straws

Paper drinking straws are a perfect replacement for plastic straws. They can resist in our favorite drinks for even 24h thanks to our adhesive! Just a small enough of Papermax® adhesive is enough to provide impressive durability. After use, thrown paper straw degrade faster than plastic one with a much smaller impact on the environment.

Even though the changes forced by the European Union’s directive are going to be valid for two years, we can choose and support environmentally-friendly products today.

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